The critical role of forests
in a sustainable development


Forestry and wood industry

Today, the French forest is facing several major challenges such as supplying a sector that represents 440,000 jobs, maintaining biodiversity and adapting to climate change.
With its forestry financing model, Neosylva is committed to working alongside the industry’s players to put the forest back at the heart of the sustainable development of our territories.

Our customer services/contracts

Expertise and financing solution dedicated to private forest owners

Neosylva supports private forest owners in the long-term development of their forest, according to a model inspired by the National Forestry Fund.

Our Commitments

Social and environmental responsibility

Committed to the wood sector

Promoting a local economic growth


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Portrait of Louis Dunoyer de Segonzac

Néosylva’s current events

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About us

Néosylva is composed of passionate experts, well aware of the crucial roles that forests have in a local economic growth and committed to the conservation of its social and environmental functions.


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