Offers for Forest Owners

Value private forests

Néosylva funds the operations and guides the owners during the management of their forest.

More than half of the organic wood production is lost every year in private forests. Therefore, Néosylva came up with a new concept to value private forests’ wood while working with forest landlords and all of the wood sector.


Zero or few owner’s funding

Transparency + converging interests

Sold wood is highly valued

Access to fiscal conditions and subsidies

Convenience of the paper work

Possible termination as of 6 years

Steps of the Néosylva Contract


NÉOSYLVA: Analyses the forest, identifies the plots needing a new plantation and takes care of the paperwork.

FOREST OWNER: Agrees with the plots and the silvicultural choices/methods.

2 -Harvest of the current tree population

NÉOSYLVA: Takes care of the works and sales the remaining wood.

FOREST OWNER: Receives 100% of the income.

3 – Setting up a new plantation

NÉOSYLVA: Project management and co-funding of the plantation.

FOREST OWNER: Funding of the pre-defined part of the works, established in the contract, which can be reduced thanks to financial contributions for reforestation.

4 – Caretaking and forest management

NÉOSYLVA: Oversight of the new tree plantation.

FOREST OWNER: Is still able to dispose of his forest as he wants, can hunt etc…

5 – Final logging and new plantation

NÉOSYLVA: Management of the exploitation and sale of the wood. Afterwards, Néosylva takes care of setting up a new plantation.

FOREST OWNER: Néosylva and the owner share the benefits of the exploited wood.

Our Contracts

Value the existing
tree population.

Special sanitary
decline offer

Néosylva’s criterium

Surface area

The minimum area required for a forest is of 4 ha/10 acre per contract.

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