Offers for Forest Owners

Value private forests

Néosylva funds the operations and guides the owners during the management of their forest.

More than half of the organic wood production is lost every year in private forests. Therefore, Néosylva came up with a new concept to value private forests’ wood while working with forest landlords and all of the wood sector.

Zero or few owner’s funding

Valuation of the family patrimony

Long-term revenue sharing

Unchanged taxation and access to subsidies

Simplicity of procedures

Possible termination as of 7 years

Check your eligibility

The Neosylva offer is aimed at private landowners:

  • Owners of forest parcels with no forestry management that need to be renewed or abandoned agricultural parcels to be wooded;
  • Seeking financial and technical support over the long term.

Are eligible the forest parcels of a minimum surface of 2ha, in one piece or not.

If your property is found to be eligible for the Neosylva offer at the end of this questionnaire, our teams will contact you to organize a visit of your plots in your presence.

Can your plots be part of a sustainable management process?


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